Monday, May 13, 2013

Possets: Line

Again, I'm going with a perfume from the Possets Sacred Geometry spring 2013 release. At this point, I have no idea how I'm going to narrow my vote down to three, because this release has been beyond amazing.

Now to the review!

Possets' description for Line is: "The shortest distance in any case. The way a particle likes to travel in space. More down-to-earth elements are introduced as the fragrances move more into the realm of Nature and away from the pop of pure intellect. Again grapefruit signals that this is a construct of the imagination, counterpoints of sage and cedar lift up the blend and cause it to be somewhat woody and slightly smokey. A delight, herbal and fruity."

In the bottle, I get citrus, a hint of pale smoke, something that comes across as green, and something that comes across as soft (almost bendable) wood.

Once this hits my skin, oh my this is so good. I get the faint hint of cedar, but this cedar is so very soft--perhaps like what baby cedar trees smell like. I tried this earlier today without looking at the notes, and I had forgotten sage was in here. I kept smelling a note that was creamy like coconut and slightly green like a coconut rind, but it wasn't quite coconut. I was going crazy trying to figure it out, but when I saw sage was in this, it made sense that that creamy almost green note was the sage. The sage never comes across as S.A.G.E. to me. Instead, this is like sage dropped down, flattened with an iron until smooth, and brushed until velvety soft. This is such a lovely sage note--so creamy and smooth.

As this dries, this almost comes across as tropical, but not quite. It's warm and caressing, but it also has an edge to it (without being edgy). The citrus holds and merges with the gorgeous soft cedar--which turns this into a high-class skin scent in some ways at this point. When I close my eyes and sniff, it makes me think of very classy department stores--the kind where everyone talks in whispers, the clothes are perfectly tailored, and the smell of money and power emanates from the walls. And yet, this is also much warmer than that, warmer and softer, gentle, and human in all the good ways of being human.

As it continues to dry, I continue to get that creamy coconut note that clearly must be the sage being a sneaky super soft sage mingling with the grapefruit. At times, the sage does amp a bit and try to get sharp, but it is calmed by the cedar. The cedar would never do anything as vulgar as yelling, spanking, or swearing to lower the sage's attitude. No, the cedar simply floats down like an angel and awes everyone into submission and good behavior.

I feel like I need a whole new lexicon of words to describe this collection. Right now, I'm trying to classify what I'm smelling and it's a jumble in my head. This is classy, but soft classy--no hard edges on this one. It's creamy, with the cedar (oh so soft and delicate) being a supporting base, so there's wood in here but it's soft and creamy and snuggly wood. The grapefruit is also so very soft in this.

I didn't think this was astringent, but at first application my mother called it astringent so I suppose it could have some sharp edges on it to someone else, but it doesn't to me. (Although, she did say as soon as it started to dry that it immediately changed from astringent to soft.)

In the final dry down, this merely softens the already beautiful notes from above. It's cuddly and beautiful and classy and gaaaah! I wish I had the words for it! It's creamy and lush, while, at the same time, also being somewhat austere, threaded with powder soft cedar and grapefruit. The faint smoky vibe I get from it reminds me of the soft smoky note I love in other perfumes from this collection. This is simply beautiful--without a girly floral in sight. Quite the achievement.

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