Sunday, May 12, 2013

Possets: Dodecahedron

I'm continuing with the Possets Sacred Geometry spring 2013 release with Dodecahedron.

Possets' description: “The perfume which bears its name is as unusual and attractive as the dodecahedron itself. A very dry and unusual green vanilla, a touch of nectar, and a bit of smoke from a fragrant wood fire blend perfectly with the lovely citrus paradisii oil for a happily sharper side to all the emollient sweetness. A very likable perfume and serious in an unexpected way. I would say that this is a perfect perfume to dab on when you are in a devil-may-care mood this spring.”

In the bottle: brown sugar, a touch of grapefruit pith (not quite as sharp as grapefruit zest), and something that comes across as a soft and sweet vanilla.

On my skin: The brown sugar rises then drops down quite a bit, and the grapefruit comes forward. The perfume immediately shifts from food notes to perfume notes while retaining the food notes (although the brown sugar does lean more toward food and less toward perfume)—it's a pretty neat trick and my brain is boggled at how quickly it did so.

As it dries: The brown sugar note is a soft and sweet base. Something that almost comes across as green wood threads through (perhaps that's the vanilla?). The grapefruit is definitely grapefruit, but it's also grapefruit as perfume in the prettiest way. I'm getting something that reminds me a bit of the light sweetness of nectarines or peaches without getting any of those fruit notes, and it's very smooth. I'm also getting a soft pretty smoke vibe that I got from Fearful Symmetry (a Possets perfume from this same release)—very soft, pale pale smoke, that comes across as more of the memory of smoke and not actual smoke. Side note: I am so in love with that note, I want more, more, more!

As it continues to dry: Wow, this is becoming prettier by the minute. There's something waaaay down at the bottom starting to rise up that reminds me of Eternity by Calvin Klein. It's not overt, and it's giving this a slightly green melon vibe, without smelling like green melon. It's fresh, sweet (but not sugary), and perfumy.

This is a light perfume—nothing heavy or dark in it—but that's not to say this has no presence. When I wave my hands in front of my face, I get a drift of brown sugar, a citrus flowered note, that faint touch of fresh green wood, and the hint of pale smoke. This feels like a perfect perfume to wear in the heat and humidity of summer: it's fresh feeling, delicate, a little sweet, a little tart, a bit soft green, and it does this all without coming across as a creamsicle or a nose-clogging fruity floral.

This is my third perfume from this release that I've been struggling to wrap my brain around. I consider that a good thing: the notes are beautifully blended, it has a delicate touch, it's engaging my brain, and it's just so pretty.

When I close my eyes and sniff, this makes me think of the rose garden in Duluth, MN (off of Lake Superior), and times I spent wandering around up there, which means this is a happy and golden kind of perfume without coming across as too warm or too heavy (and I definitely don't get a bright yellow vibe from this one—this is more pastel with maybe a streak of grass green). This is a perfume that reminds me that I'm surrounded by beauty, by history, and something a bit dangerous, but all that matters is this moment of sunshine.

This doesn't have a lot of throw, but I did dab sparingly because I didn't want to be overwhelmed by that brown sugar note. Having said that, I don't think this one will be high throw, but it will make people who smell it want to get closer to you so they can get more of it.

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