Sunday, May 5, 2013

Possets: DNA

DNA is from the Sacred Geometry: Secret Knowledge 2013 spring release at Possets.

Possets' description: "Even the DNA strand follows the Sacred Geometric curve as it rotates around its 4 elements in endless combinations!

I wanted to make this an unabashed foody with lashings of: toffee, butterscotch, cream, butter, and a tidal wave of vanilla. if you like the foodies, this one is a rare beauty. I also wanted to play with a very very very small tot of coffee plopped in for a bit of depth to it all and that did make it ultra special. Wear it when you are in a hedonistic mood."

In the bottle: Mmmmm caramel, whiskey, toffee. Mouthwatering.

On my skin: Buttery creamy toffee, whiskey, butterscotch (in fact, my husband just walked by and said, "You smell like butterscotch!"), a touch of cream, and waaaay down at the bottom is something a bit darker and heavier that may be the coffee. (When I first tried this one--fresh out of the mailbox last week--I didn't get the coffee. I was surprised to see the coffee on the list today, but I remember that's one reason I grabbed this one. I'm always looking for a good coffee scent.)

As it dries: This is FOODIE. Unabashed, full on, hedonistic lick 'em all up now. I'm still getting a whiskey kick, and this is going more and more butterscotch by the minute. The cream is still coming through, but it's not the heavy cream from Cream (the perfume from Possets) as it was the first time I tried it. The cream now is softer, more rounded. Something slightly sharp to this almost comes across as plasticy--as in a hair away from plastic but not quite there. The vanilla is also very obvious in this, adding to the sweetness. I just had my mom sit next to me and I asked her what it smells like. Answer: "Oooh that smells good. Smells like sugar and spice and everything nice."

As it dries further: the whiskey note continues to ride along--I don't know why I'm getting whiskey here, but I think that's part of the sharp edge I mentioned above, and it's definitely hitting my nose as whiskey. I like it. It's keeping this from being over the top sweet. This is also coming up with a hint of a brown sugar vibe right now. It's veering away from butterscotch to more of a warm brown sugar, but still threading the butterscotch note through. I am getting a different throw than what is directly on my skin. My skin amps the bitterness of that whiskey-ish note, but when I wave my arms around, I get nothing but sweet yummy creamy toffee. My left arm seems to be the one pushing the plastic-y vibe, my right arm is all deep cream mixed with brown sugar with a touch of something herbal. When I stick my nose on my right arm, I love what I'm getting: warm snuggly sugared skin. When I stick my nose on my left arm, I get that whiskey/plastic with toffee pushing through that.

I still don't get much coffee from this, but then I am comparing it to the other coffee scents I've tried recently (Phyllotaxis and Quantum Interconnect from Possets) which were heavy on the coffee.

Dry down: This is now smooth brown sugar mixed with butterscotch and a hint of that note I'm interpreting as whiskey. A touch buttery. A little creamy. This is also much smoother than it was the first time I tried it, so sitting a bit did help this one develop a bit more. I have a feeling this one will be really scrumptious in a few months. If caramel or toffee notes go funky on you, I don't know how well this will play on your skin. But, if you love foodie scents, it's worth giving this one a try, just because it's foodie! The bit that got on my shirt is super lickable smelling, so even if it doesn't play well on your skin, it could be fabulous in a scent locket. Just don't blame me if you end up eating the scent locket half way through your day.


  1. Sounds great. I'm not sure about the cream but the whiskey, butterscotch, and butter sounds great.

    1. Possets has an "official" cream perfume that isn't my favorite, but thankfully that doesn't play out much here. The cream in this is more of a hint of cream the way butterscotch candies have a hint of cream. Thankfully, it's not much more than that. ;)